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The numerous partnerships developed over recent years have enabled us to increase the size of the catalogue as a result of the contributions received from public and private funding. You will be able to discover new multi-media collections from institutions such as ICOMOS (...) and IFLA (...), as well as other treasures that have been entrusted to us by people in the possession of archives relating to landscape gardeners who have made their mark on the art of landscape gardening.

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"The library’s future lies outside its walls”

Since 1996, the René Pechère Library, which is essentially composed of works on Garden Design and Landscaping, has taken the initiative to create a digital capital of the tables of contents of its collections of books, journals and reviews.  Now, fifteen yearslater, against the background of the exponential growth in the globalisation and sharing of information via the internet, we have decided to develop a communication project around our collections which enables us to share, with you, the passion and knowledge of garden design and landscaping in all of its written, spoken and visual forms.

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The library’s catalogue contains more than 350 works that can be deemed to be rare and valuable.  A priceless collection compiled by René Pechère, standing as a witness to the desire to share the techniques of gardendesign starting as long ago as the XVth century. The project designed toenhance this collection through its digitisation began in 2008.  Today, thanks to our private partners, we are now able to make more than 170 of these books available for you to consult online.  This interactive form of consultation allows you to carry out a word search of the whole of the collection and of each individual work. We hope that your will make many discoveries whilst consulting these collections.

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René Pechère gives his views on prestigious examples of garden design in Belgium. Visit our collection of video recordings. 

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This literary prize is the same as all other awards : they are sensitive to the vagaries of time, for obvious reasons, they vary in terms of quality and excellence. Accordingly, there have been high-profile winners of the Prix Goncourt (Proust, Gary…), whilst other winners have been less well known. However, we feel that the second René Pechère prize, which was awarded last November by a particularly knowledgeable jury, will remain in the collective memory for a long time.

The prize was awarded to “Itinéraires d’un jardinier” (A Gardener’s travels) by Pascal Cribier, which is an unparalleled and unique piece of work in which the French landscaper, who is one of the leading figures of his generation, brings together some of the leading French specialists in garden design and landscaping. The Jury also recognised, for its literary and iconographic quality, “Erwan Tymen : 19 jardins”, by Christine Barbedet and Philippe Perdereau, which received a special mention (see the list of award winners onpage 3).

Pascal Cribier received his Prize in Paris last November in the wonderful salle des glaces of the Wallonia-Brussels Delegation, before being received, along with all of the other authors and organisers present, by Didier Wirth, President of the French Parks and Gardens Committee.  Pascal Cribier, who is well acquainted with the work of René Pechère, said that he was particularly honoured to receive this prize since he holds Pechère’s work and methods in such high esteem.

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N° 27 premier semestre 2014

The library website René Pechère is being translated. 
French version is complete and we invite you to visit his catalog collections online at the following address:
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